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Golden WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp Golden allows its users an unmatched level of customisation. It is a best modded version of WhatsApp messenger. You can download it easily by link given below.

Introduction of Golden WhatsApp

If you want to download status, change your WhatsApp theme, add custom wallpaper per chats, Group chats and you also have concerned with your privacy so this new version is Best option for you. Arabic Gold WhatsApp apk is one of the best modded versions of messenger Whatsapp developed by the third party developer Abo arab. This 2024 updated Version has more enhancement and security for users. You can install WhatsApp Gold without uninstalling standard WhatsApp from mobile phone and you can enjoy its wide range of features.

Download Golden whatsapp apk

What is Golden WhatsApp?

What’s New in Golden Whatsapp 2024

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode is a new feature in golden whatsap. It is an interesting and unbelievable feature in goldan whatsapp. When ghost mode is active in your whatsapp gold your all actions will be invisible to everyone in your contacts. Your last seen will freeze, you can see status secretly, and double blue tick also hides in chat.

See Message Edit history

In the new update of golden watsapp you can watch a feature message edit history. By using this feature you were able to edit the sent messages. Moreover, you can also view original messages and you can also see the history of all edits.

option To Show/Hide Ghost Mode Icon

The UI/UX of the latest update of whatsapp download gold has changed. When you update your Whatsapp gold, you will see a ghost icon on the top home bar instead of the Night/Light icon. This icon is for turning the ghost mode on or off. 

Gold WhatsApp

Golden Download WhatsApp Apk

As you know Golden Whatsap is a mod version of original whatsapp and it is the world famous apk whatsapp for mod lovers specially it is the favourite app of arabic peoples that is why it is also called arabic whatsapp gold and Whatsapp Dahabi. Whatsapp gold is developed and modified by abu-arab developers they add many additional features, customisation options, privacy and security functions with all of these features Gold whatsapp download apk version is better than the basic version whatsapp.

Arabic WhatsApp Gold

Amazing Themes

This modded new version of whatsapp provides its users with a lot of aesthetic themes. There are more than 3000 different themes available for users built-in, users can experience  any aesthetic theme any time.

Download Status

Downloading status is another attractive feature of whatsapp Gold apk, you can download pictures, videos and other media shared in status updates directly in devices uploaded by others.


Gold whatsapp allows you to set up an automatic reply to incoming messages when you are unavailable. This feature provides further customisation including messages, scheduling options specific start and end time, sending option personalization for different groups and different contacts.

Font Style

Apk gold whatsapp is a modified version app, it provides a font style feature that allows its users to modify the presence of their text. It provides a variety of font styles; you can set your favourite one according to your choice for your gold what’s app. This feature enhances user experience.

Increase Sending Limit

 The golden whatsapp allows its user to share media upto file size 200 Mb that standard whatsapp imposed restriction. On standard whatsapp you send only 15 Mb file size.

Multiple Account

The most appealing feature of whatsapp apk gold is the availability of multiple accounts option. You can now use more than one whatsapp account on a single device. And also added a feature to switch between these accounts easily.

Message Scheduler

With the Schedule messaging features of whatsapp gold apk.  You can send messages at specific times and specific dates. This feature helps you send a message at your selected time and selected contacts in chat or groups.


This gold Apk also offer backup option. It offer automatic backup daily. you can choose drive backup or its own backup option.

Go Offline In Once Click

Whatapp gold offers a special mode in which you can go offline with just a one click. Don’t need to turn off the data. This feature is special for you if you turn off your internet connection to go offline.

Hide Typing/Recording Status

Gold whatsapp allows its user to hide typing and recording status that is shown to the person with whom you are chatting. That person will not be able to see the typing and recording indicators, you are composing a message to send.  It’s gonna be a surprise.

Anti-Delete Messages

In the official version of whatsapp, you cannot see a message if the sender deletes it (delete for everyone), However, Downloadgold whatsapp offers a solution to this. By using the “anti-delete message” feature, you will be able to view the message even if the sender deletes it.

Who can call me?

By enabling this feature (Who can call me?), you can customise your settings to control who can voice or video call you. This feature allows user to limit call access to specific contacts and enhances call privacy.

Blue Tick After Reply

Whatsup gold provides the feature “Blue Tick After Reply”. With this option: The blue tick appears only after you have replied to a message, rather than immediately upon reading.

Hide View Status

With the help of this Feature, that allows you to secretly check your contacts’ status updates without leaving any evidence.

Anti-View Once

In official Whatsapp, you could not take a screenshot of one-time media. However, Yellow Whatsapp offers an amazing Anti-view once feature that allows you to view one-time media an unlimited time. You can also save it directly into your gallery.

Disable Forward Tag

By enabling this option, the receiver will not get the forwarded label in the message that you have forwarded.

Freeze Last Seen

With This feature “freezes your last seen”. You can ensure that none of your contacts will be able to view your actual last seen time. 

Hide Blue Tick

Hide blue tick option can be enabled for your contact, group chats, and broadcast. Once you enable it, the next person won’t know that you seen their messages.

WhatsApp Golden Lock

WhatsApp Gold settings>Privacy & Security

Home Screen Customisation

Gold apk whatsapp offers a variety of options to customise the home screen that enhance its visibility and make its appearance more attractive. You can customise header, row, floating action button and status setting. In home style you change home UI style in which you customise chat, group chat, status updates and community separately. These features enhance users experience and make navigation more easily.

Conversion Screen

Customising the chat screen on gold whatsapp is end level experience as it allows the user to customise the Action Bar, Bubbles and Ticks, Conversion entry style, and many more options. You have freedom to add various elements according to your taste.

Golden WhatsApp vs WhatsApp- what’s the difference?

Pros and Cons – Gold WhatsApp Official


  • Gold whatsapp apk download offers many additional features that are not available on Official whatsapp.
  • Apk Gold whatsapp also offers many privacy features such as hiding the typing, status,and reading messages without showing blue tick.


  • Golden apk does not update automatically like standard whatsapp, you can download it and update this APK manually.
  • Apk Golden is not compatible with all devices or operating systems

How to download and Install Golden WhatsApp?

Download WhatsApp Gold

Install Gold WhatsApp

To install the gold whatsapp application, follow these steps.

Download WhahtsApp Golden Here

Golden Whatsapp FAQ’s

Of course! You can use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp golden at the same time if you wish. You can even use other WhatsApp mods simultaneously on the same phone.

Yes. Golden WhatsApp is just a modification of standard WhatsApp. It uses the same servers and is just as safe and secure. Your privacy and data are all encrypted and secured.

Not yet, unfortunately. Gold Whatsapp is not available for iPhone users.

It is up to you to decide if you want to use or not.

No, WhatsApp Gold apk is the same as other APKs, it’s a safe apk app because you will never need any root access for it.