Gold WhatsApp Apk Download – Golden WhatsApp 2024

Whatsapp gold is a latest and unique version of WhatsApp developed by abuarab a third party developer team. This version offers many privacy and security features to users.

Gold WhatsApp Download

Gold whatsapp is a new version of official whatsapp modified for android users; this version has many new features and improved existing features. Millions of whatsapp users trusted this whatsapp gold messaging app. It is one of the famous messenger app in the world with unique and amazing privacy and security features. This mod app allows user to hide presence on whatsapp, hide status update and messaging ticks. The anti-revoke feature also introduced in whatsup gold.

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Arabic WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp gold is modded version of standard whatsapp with hundreds of new and existing features. This mod app is very famous among the people of Arab world and the developers of this whatsapp belongs to Arab. This version has many customizations features include chat screen customization, home screen customization options, Chat lock security feature and whole whatsapp lock feature. Arab peoples love these all feature that is why this mod version apk known as Arabic whatsapp Gold apk on internet.

Gold WhatsApp Features

To enjoy amazing and unique features Gold whatsapp apk download first in android OS. This version offers several features that are not available in official whatsapp version. It has infinite customisation feature for user in this app you can schedule your messages, go offline using ghost mode with one click, mange your chats groups and community tabs separately, you able to send bulk messages, change your themes according to your taste, golden themes is favourite  options of users. In addition, it has built-in security lock option you can lock your chats, group chats and complete whatsapp lock. This mod version also offers many privacy functions.

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Customisation Features

Whatsapp gold apk offers many customization options to user to customize whatsapp according to need and according to taste. Users able to change home screen functionality you can change chats tabs, group tabs, status tabs and separate community tabs in whatsapp gold, users able to set homes screen chats height and width, set and hide contact name, set message unseen option in home screen archive setting also controllable in golden whatsapp. User have option to set dark and light option on header of whatsapp, airplane mode and ghost mode also hide able.

Chat screen customization user have different option to change chat screen looks. User change typing tabs with different styles, use several font options, chat bubble styles, tick styles, hide bio in chat, hide calls button from chat screen these all features are available in gold whatsapp apk.

Privacy and Security Features

If you use Android mobile phone and has no option to lock whatsapp and secure conversation. So, this variant is best because it has built-in locking system in which user can lock their chats separately as well as lock whole whatsapp through finger print, face-lock, pin and password lock.

Privacy options of Whatsapp gold are anti-delete messages and anti-delete status with enabling these feature messages in chat not deleted which send by other contact users and then deleted by them, same anti-delete function. View onces feature is also useable.

WhatsApp Gold

  • Change the color of notification
  • Change the whatsapp icon
  • Download whatsapp status directly in gallery
  • Hide media in phone gallery
  • Send messages to 250 people at once
  • Send large data files
  • Upload high quality media on status
  • voiceover option while sending voice messages
  • Use don’t disturb mode
  • Run multiple account on one phone
  • Use anti-revoke key options
  • Use auto-reply and message scheduler
  • Send message on number directly
  • No forward tag on messages
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Downlaod and Install WhatsApp Golden

To Download and install gold whatsapp follow these steps

  • Download the latest version of Whatsapp gold click on download button
  • Land on required download page
  • Download the Apk file from download page
  • Find this file in phone file manger
  • Install the whatsapp gold apk
  • Tap on done
  • Open whatsapp gold in mobile phone
  • Registered through mobile number
  • Verification pin apply
  • Set user name and enjoy all function features.

Gold WhatsApp Link Downlaod

Click on below download button and redirect on downloading page where you get latest version of whatsapp gold apk download link.

App NameGold WhatsApp
App Size79.01
Update1 Day ago
Rating4.9 Stars

Gold WhatsApp Faq’s

WhatsApp Gold is a third party modified version of WhatsApp, which raises concerns about its safety and security. While it claims to offer enhanced privacy and security features

   No, WhatsApp Gold is specifically designed for Android users.

WhatsApp Gold offers additional features such as customization options, message scheduling, enhanced privacy settings, and the ability to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously, which are not available in the official WhatsApp.

No, WhatsApp Gold is not available on the official app stores like Google Play Store and apple app store. Users need to download the APK file from third-party sources.

WhatsApp Gold is offered as a free download.

When switching to WhatsApp Gold, users may need to backup their chats and data from the official WhatsApp and then restore them in the modified version.

Final Words

WhatsApp Gold offers a range of unique features and customization options not available in the official WhatsApp. However, users should exercise caution when using third-party modified apps, as they may pose security risks and violate terms of service. It’s important to weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks and consider the safety implications before opting to download and use WhatsApp Gold.

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